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Stop Spam Mail with MailNull

MailNull provides a free anti-spam-mail service to help you take control over your email. With your MailNull account, you can give out a separate temporary email address to every company which asks you for one. For example, if your MailNull account name is 'dave' and you buy a book from, you could give the following email address to Amazon:

Mail sent to this address will forward to your current email account with no configuration changes to your system. You can also associate notes to each address to help you remember where you used it. Giving a separate email address for each purchase will help you track which companies are selling their email addresses to marketers. If you start receiving spam on a particular address, you can disable it with a click of the mouse and you know who to blame.

Getting Started

To signup and start using a MailNull account, click on the "Create Free Account" link on the left. After you have created and confirmed your account, you can click on "Add New Address" to generate a temporary email address for a company you are dealing with or a purchase you are making.


  1. I will never sell my "mailing" list or any other account information.
  2. I will never sell the services to another provider.
  3. You probably don't know me but I promise to do everything in my power to stop any authority or business entity from getting a hold of the email addresses stored on my system. Send me mail if you have specific questions about this.

Please Note

  1. Although MailNull has been a free service since October 2000, I need to cover myself in case this starts eating up my DSL line. With this in mind I may ask for a small yearly fee, stick ads on the web pages, or go looking for some donated bandwidth if the usage gets out of hand. Most likely I will create a paid option for accounts and provide more services to the paid users.
  2. I in no way want this system to be used as an anonymous mail shield for spammers, stalkers, or any inappropriate behavior. You will have your account disabled immediately if this occurs.
  3. Please do not use a mailnull address for a high volume (image) mailing lists which generates a lot of traffic per day. I have a relatively limited network connection which would get swamped by a number of high volume lists. I reserve the right to disable any address if I see a large amount of bytes passing through. In the future my mailer will ask messages which exceed some daily limit to be requeued.

Please consider donating money to the cause, putting a link to us on your page, and spreading the word about MailNull.
Copyright 2018 by Gray Watson

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